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  Q:  I'm not exactly sure what a web host is. Can you please explain?
    A:  A web host is a company that provides you with server space for your Web site. The hard drive on the server holds all of the files associated with your Website. When your Web address is typed into a web browser, the web host displays your pages.

Q:  Is it true that a web host will cost quite a bit each month? 

    A:  Yes, some cost $20 - $40 a month!  However, Getaway Web Designs hosting plans start at as little as $99 per year.
  Q:  I saw one ad for free hosting.  Isn’t that a good deal?
    A:  No. These services are generally unreliable.  If server goes down, they don't really care too much when your site gets replaced on the internet.  The way they make their money is from their advertisers that have pop-up ads. on your site. Pop-up ads. are generally annoying and I doubt if you want that on your site.

Q:  What determines which site is listed in what order with search engines?

    A:  Search engines generally follow rules involving the location and frequency of keywords in a web page. Pages which have keywords in the title are usually more apt to be found by the search engine because the title gives the keywords important status. Search engines also check for keywords near the top of a web page, on the assumption that a page will have the important keywords near the top. (Keywords are an internal component of the page and are hidden from normal view).

Q:  I still don’t understand about “keywords”.  Can you explain?

    A: When you use a search engine (Google, MSN, Lycos) to find something on the web, you type in keywords. For example if you are looking for a bed & breakfast near Austin, TX you might type in "austin texas B&B". These are keywords. The web pages that have these words hidden internally will be shown.

Q:  Why should I have links on my page to other sites?

    A: There are several good reasons. First, search engines determine the popularity of a page by the number of links there are to it from other sites. Some even use this as criteria as to whether or not to include the page in the index. Also if you have links to other sites, it is safe to assume that they will be willing to "cross-link" to your site.  Both sites will benefit from the increased traffic.

Q:  Do you have an e-mail tutorial that will help me receive e-mail from my website?

    A: Yes, press HERE.


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